Letters to the Editor

Biodegradable bags

Observations, comments and potential remedies to correct serious flaws in the bag ordinance as adopted by the county Integrated Waste Management Board:

Attaboys to staff and board for identifying a problem. No attaboys for the hastily conceived and adopted “cure” that has partially solved the problem but has successfully irritated customers and grocers.

My personal memory only goes back 85 years, but for that time, we, the users, have had bags of some sort provided by vendors. We paid for this service in the price we paid for all goods.

The supposedly singleuse plastic bags are actually used a second or third time. The down side is they last forever.

We are now buying plastic bags to use for what was a second use. These may or may not be biodegradable bags.

A very brief Web search shows numerous manufacturers ready and willing to supply any configuration and quantity of bags that do biodegrade.

An ordinance simply banning nonbiodegradable bags would not only stop use of undesirable grocery bags, but all such bags. No change in cost, for as usual we customers will pay the cost in full.

I suggest the county Integrated Waste Management Board revisit the ordinance and search for a more complete solution to the identified problem.