Letters to the Editor

Board backs off

This past Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors was on the verge of passing some of the worst regulations in recent memory that would eliminate the most powerful open space and agricultural preservation tool the County has had since 1984. The agricultural clustering program that has preserved more than 10,000 acres of permanent open space was on the brink of the scrap heap. Yet something remarkable happened.

Supervisor Adam Hill, a onetime supporter of the proposed new regulations, backed away from them and urged the Board to continue them until Supervisor-elect Debbie Arnold could take her seat on the Board. Backed by Supervisors Frank Mecham and Paul Teixeira — even Supervisor Bruce Gibson — the board agreed with Hill to improve the regulations and to build a more collegial relationship with the incoming Supervisor.

So thanks to Adam Hill for his thoughtful action and leadership and to Supervisors Mecham and Teixeira for supporting that action. It is astrong indication that calmer heads may prevail, resulting in the enhancement of one of the most important agricultural preservation programs in this county.