Letters to the Editor


A recent writer wanted us to know that the liberal media and colleges are indoctrinating our youth. All I can say is: for shame.

Indoctrination, according to two definitions found in Webster’s Dictionary, means:

1. To instruct, especially in fundamentals or rudiments: Teach.

2. To imbue with a usually partisan or sectarian opinion, point of view, or principle.

Based on the recent writer’s letter, are we to assume that only people who attend “liberal” colleges and/or read those liberal publications are the ones who can be indoctrinated?

Are not the readers of conservative publications, for example The Wall Street Journal, or those that attend religious schools or conservative military academies or those that watch Fox News also being indoctrinated?

The answer is, of course they are. Propaganda usually works on whoever it is aimed at, unless an individual takes the time to confirm the validity of what you are reading or hearing by using multiple and various sources.