Letters to the Editor

A hive of voters

Lance Hillsinger’s Dec. 4 letter, “Why Romney lost,” sure pats himself on the back.

A closer look at voting patterns reveals that those who are most indoctrinated vote how they have been programmed.

Yes, professors, liberal college graduates and bottom-income individuals vote the same. It sure isn’t the mutual education level and insight they share, but instead it’s the similar level of indoctrination.

College professors and big-city newspapers are both solidly left-wing, and often are their sources of information for their captive audiences.

Programmed groupthink versus independent thought — look at an election-voting map.

Independent thinkers (not “hive” dwellers) do not vote for the political corruption and economic ignorance that passes for knowledge among the left.

Congratulate yourself, you and the most uninformed, uneducated portion of the electorate vote the same.