Letters to the Editor

Outsourced service

After having trouble with the start and stop dates of The Tribune’s delivery on two consecutive occasions, I was impressed at being able to speak to a “real” person trying to correct the problem. However, with the issue not being resolved, I inquired as to where I was calling, and he said he was in the Philippines.

So, I was surprised to read Tribune copy editor Steve Provost’s Nov. 23 article, “Trapped in telephone limbo,” regarding his complaints and frustration of having persons from the Philippines or India attempting to resolve our problems.

It is a sad state of affairs if our local paper cannot support local workforce, but instead revolves to cheap labor elsewhere. By supporting The Tribune we are condoning the very concept that Steve Provost was denouncing. And as far as the “Internet Maze,” at least we don’t have to wrestle with each other’s accents.