Letters to the Editor

Sedate patients

So Atascadero State Hospital has once again been fined by a state agency claiming unsafe working conditions. Considering the long list of patient assaults on employees as frequently revealed by The Tribune, it does seem appropriate for the state safety investigators to become involved.

So far this year, the state has apparently fined the hospital several thousands of dollars of taxpayer money. My question is this: What good will removing funding at ASH do, other than most likely either discharging an employee, or cutting back employee hours, which surely contradicts the mission of safety for staff persons and patients?

Because all five state hospitals for the mentally ill are having similar challenges, would it be out of line to suggest an increase in the use of “calming” medications for the patients? Why are they letting these patients “run wild”? Something is definitely wrong with the system, and I admire those staff persons who have the guts to work there, knowing their lives could be in danger. How crazy is that?