Letters to the Editor

Climate tipping point

The Dec. 3 article on global emissions leaves out two critical facts:

1. China’s emissions are now greater than ours because we have willingly sent them most of our manufacturing jobs. Creating new stuff requires the expenditure of much energy and therefore the creation of much carbon dioxide. Still, on a perperson basis, Canadian and American emissions far exceed those of the Chinese or any other nationality.

2. None of the emissions compares qualitatively or quantitatively to the methane in the Arctic regions now gushing from thawed permafrost. Pound for pound, methane is 25 times as powerful a global warming gas as carbon dioxide. Methane will cause the “tipping point” from which there is no turning back. Unless we act now, humanity is doomed.

Ultimately, to survive, we humans have to connect the dots between cause and effect. I recently saw two bumper stickers on the same car: “ARMY” and “Proud to burn fossil fuels.” The U.S. Army just fought two expensive wars (in men, women and matériel) partly to ensure the right for us Americans to pump out more carbon dioxide. Juxtaposing those two bumper stickers speaks volumes.