Letters to the Editor

A job well done

Thank you so much for recognizing the diligent work done by our county leaders and staff when implementing the current solar projects in the Carrizo Plains (Tribune editorial, Nov. 28).

I’d like to point out another successful portion of these projects. Our county leaders were also very wise to implement clear mitigation requirements to offset air-quality and infrastructure issues that would arise from the transport of hundreds of workers to these sites on daily basis.

Due to this effort, Topaz Solar currently has 82 percent of its workforce traveling to their site by either bus, vanpool or carpool. California Solar Valley Ranch is also very close to reaching its goal of 75 percent participation in multiple-occupancy vehicles and 50 percent participation in shuttles.

The concerted effort by the county and the solar companies to encourage positive transportation choices for the project’s employees helps improve local air quality and saves wear and tear on our roads. Congratulations on a job well done!