Letters to the Editor

Holiday traditions

How fair is it for public agencies utilizing public tax dollars to sponsor events including parades celebrating a holiday specific to one religion? In addition, these events are typically held on and utilize public right-of-way, including streets, highways and parks.

Shouldn’t these events be formally referred to as “holiday” if they are going to utilize public resources? To a Jewish person, advertisements for such might be interpreted as “not-a-Hanukkah parade” for which Jewish people pay with their taxes. Can’t we call these “holiday” parades, not “Christmas” parades?

Everyone knows that Christianity is the biggest, most powerful religion in this country and the world. Everyone knows the biggest reason it’s celebrated: Jesus. Christians aren’t selfish and can understand this reasoning. Considering that Jesus was Jewish, they enjoy sharing their sensitivity and compassion, for which they are famous.

My parents are both Christian and Jewish, and my family celebrates both holidays, or at least as much as we can fit. We try to highlight the spiritual beauty of all humanity, especially tolerance. The traditions from more than one group can all be respected without any loss of meaning or uniqueness to a single group’s event.