Letters to the Editor

Wind vs. windbags

I for one, am really wondering about the sanity of the Air Pollution Control District Board. The head of the district is trying to justify the agency’s existence.

From what I read in The Tribune (Nov. 15), the APCD is under pressure from a small minority of NIMBYs who live in the vicinity of the Nipomo Dunes, who have unproven claims that they have developed respiratory problems because a few ATVs kick up a little sand. The NIMBYs want the APCD to stop the wind from blowing sand into the air wow!

That’s easy enough just get Mother Nature on the phone, or simply email her and demand that she shut off all wind and particulates in that area.

Now, let’s just use a small part of our brains and use logic, which neither the NIMBYs nor the APCD has shown.

Questions for the NIMBYs and the APCD: How long have the Nipomo Dunes been there? How long has the wind been blowing like a hurricane 365 days a year on the dunes? Hundreds of thousands or millions of years, very likely. So quit acting like a bunch of spoiled brats and just try to get along.