Letters to the Editor

Yet another tax!

Along with the property tax, now due by Dec. 10 is yet another tax for homeowners in Cambria.

The state of California Fire Prevention Tax of $115 is due Dec. 10. Just another tax due right before Christmas.

We already pay for the newer, state-of-the-art fire station less than one mile from our home on Burton Drive in Cambria.

We have a fire hydrant less than 10 feet from our home. I wonder why we accept this fate. Isn’t this double tax?

We have one small home and a vacant lot that has a tax on our property bill of $108.42 for Cambria CSD fire assessment. They gave us a $35 break for this fee.

Those people who are not paying this tax, watch out. The state of California will be after you, too. We need to stop this. Remember the Boston Tea Party!