Letters to the Editor

Middle East quagmire

The latest flare-up between Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza is the result of the continued effort by Benjamin Netanyahu’s government to dominate Palestine by blockading the West Bank and Gaza, and allowing the continued construction of illegal settlements, all of which is creating an intolerable situation. The upsurge of violence is but acts of frustration on the part of the Palestinians, who resort to violence as a form of retaliation.

The story begins with the breakup of the Ottoman Empire after World War I, leading to poorly defined boundaries of the newly formed states.

However, the Balfour Declaration, giving the Jews a homeland, has been the most contentious.

The only viable solution now must be for Israel to agree with the 2003 Geneva initiative, withdrawing many of the settlements from the West Bank and arriving at a mutually agreed-upon solution regarding Jerusalem. Also, the Arab states must recognize Israel as a legitimate nation. Any prolonged delay in arriving at a solution just augments the problem.

For the Palestinians to succumb to pressure and accept a two-state resolution without the above conditions taking place would continue a tortuous quagmire.