Letters to the Editor

Living on Planet Couch

Regarding Joetopia’s “Tour should show us the money,” Dec. 1:

I rarely write letters to the editor, but his comments are so off base I feel I must. The fact that he doesn’t like fit people who are proud they are fit and instead believes, somehow, that couch potatoes are superior baffles the mind.

Isn’t he aware that our health care problems are largely caused by his behavior? Is that something to be proud of?

Second, isn’t he aware that the Tour de France has more local viewers than the Super Bowl? I find it odd an editor would slam a large portion of his (former) readership.

Finally, the Tour of California charges host cities because host cities see it as a moneymaking proposition. If Joe feels otherwise, he’s living on a different planet. He feels that our area is so good we don’t need to market ourselves, and that is a demonstration of an arrogance that I find very disconcerting.

Finally, I suspect there is more than a little envy between his words because Avila, tiny Avila, has managed to put together enough money to host the Tour, while SLO can’t find it.