Letters to the Editor

Rats trump people?

On Nov. 25, The Tribune published a lengthy article regarding the necessity of moving giant kangaroo rats to another location in eastern SLO county because of the solar construction. We surely would not want the rats to become homeless!

We heard no outcry of “not in my backyard” or questioning the cost of such a project. About the same time, The Tribune reported several communities in SLO County were concerned about establishing and or moving homeless shelters in their respective communities. The response from some was “not in my backyard.” What does this say about our values in SLO county? Actions speak larger than words. We seem to be more concerned about providing new homes to keep the rats happy rather than caring about the homeless and keeping them warm and fed.

Who should we be more concerned about — the rats or families without shelter? A question for all caring Christians might be “What would Jesus do?”