Letters to the Editor

Problem behavior

I have to disagree with Loren Acord’s recent letter regarding Supervisor Bruce Gibson’s admitted long-term affair with his assistant.

Acord would have us believe that many great men have had affairs, and it didn’t hamper their job performance — naming Hamilton, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Kennedy and Clinton. That alone could be argued at length, but even so, times have changed.

The big problem with Mr. Gibson’s activities, at least for his constituents, is that they open the county up for a lawsuit, and that could be like winning the lottery for his assistant — all at taxpayers’ expense. Most everyone knows your boss is setting him or herself up for big trouble if he or she even acts like they want some type of relationship with you, let alone allows it to happen. And it doesn’t matter if it was consensual or not. He was in a position of power over her.

And why would county counsel and the county administrator, both “employees” who answer to Mr. Gibson, conduct an investigation?

This is completely inappropriate and should be left to an unbiased entity. I hope the other board members request that their colleague resign his position.