Letters to the Editor

Water billing

Each year the city of San Luis Obispo has extended at least one billing out of three that determines my sewer cap rate. In 2012, they implemented 36-day billing cycles throughout the year, forcing many into higher water rate tiers. Normal cycles are 28 to 31 days. Some city employees and citizens voiced concerns all year, but those responsible did not correct this unfair and unethical practice or notify customers.

These are not “slight” extensions of a couple of days. Our bill ending Jan. 24, 2012 was 41 days long; some had 42-day bills.

How can you not think an additional 5 to 13 days of water consumption in one billing makes a difference? And we all have 36-day bills. The number of days is printed on the 2012 bills next to the service period dates, except for the October bill.

Is the city going to require everyone to submit Utility Billing Adjustment forms? What process will the city use to refund additional 2012 water/sewer revenue gained by unethically forcing 14,000 plus customers into longer billing cycles?