Letters to the Editor

Get on board

This writing is offered in the most urgent hope that some friends, family, neighbors and others come to grips with the outcome of this presidential election.

Let me add to this hope, a question:

Don’t you feel, somewhere in your being, that this just may be a good thing for all real Americans? Not liberals, conservatives, or independents, but just plain people? Let’s look at what we have gained. As I see it, we have this man elected by standards based upon free choice and by all comparisons is a person with integrity, intelligence, dedication and commitment; the personification of family values; a man without hidden agendas or special-interest affiliations; a man with an impressive checklist of accomplishments despite a vendetta of negative power groups dedicated to his downfall.

I’m suggesting that it couldn’t be a better time to get on board and become a contributor to these next four years. There is no telling what we could accomplish with your help. And guess what? It’s to all our interests that we become united. You know, like “United States of America.” Not a new concept, but certainly a necessary one.

Welcome aboard, mate.