Letters to the Editor

Sign the OHV petition

I recently signed an online petition to repeal the Chappie-Z’Berg legislation that skims $65 million a year from taxes we pay at the pump in California. This money goes to the Off-Highway Vehicle Division (OHV) of State Parks and Recreation to support the off-highway vehicle industry and its users at the expense of public health and safety and the environment.

While state parks close for lack of funding, the OHV hoards and hides millions. Our gas tax purchased the landlocked Oceano Dunes State Recreation Area, OHV’s main attraction, and appropriated a public beach for its access, endangering pedestrians, especially children. The activities generate dust that does not meet health standards, endangering those downwind who cannot breathe, and State Parks is not cooperating with the county to reduce the dust.

It seems unreasonable enough that we have to subsidize someone’s hobby, offroading, but it is shocking that we must be poisoned by it, too. I urge you to find the petition and sign it for our health’s sake.