Letters to the Editor

Resign, Gibson

Part of Supervisor Bruce Gibson’s news quote, about his affair with his administrative assistant stated, “Being an elected official does depend on a degree of trust ”

Apparently he gets to set the “degree” that he is to be trusted and depended on. Obviously it was zero degree for his wife, and I can’t help but feel that it is zero degree for us as citizens of SLO County. I know I don’t trust him any longer.

There may not be any written county rules that would cause him to be removed from office, but there sure are some moral rules involved when he takes advantage of someone who works for him as an elected official. If he was dishonest enough for the affair to go on for a “fairly long time” and not be detected, I would bet a number of other things have probably gone on for a “fairly long time,” also. The only way he can regain trust would be to resign.