Letters to the Editor

Bullying Susan Rice

The Honorable Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham look just like a couple of schoolyard bullies in the let’s-get-Susan-Rice drama.

Like the schoolboys whose team lost badly in the recent intramural competition, they’re mad. But wait! There was a nasty scuffle during the match. People got hurt. Maybe the winners instigated the hurtful events. At least they knew. They somehow could have stopped it, but didn’t. If it wasn’t their fault, at least they lied about it afterwards.

But bullies need a “soft” target. So they pick the pretty cheerleader, a key supporter of the winning team. Pass it around: “She’s not the good girl they say she is!” “She was probably the cause of the awful injuries.” “Everyone knows what she said, tried to excuse the guys who started the whole nasty fracas during the game!”

The bullies want payback. Don’t get caught pulling Susan’s pigtails, but at least get her disqualified as a prom queen candidate this year! Gotcha! Gotcha! Yuck, yuck!

It has been a major effort this year to stop bullying in our schoolyards — how about in the halls and on the floor of the United States Senate?