Letters to the Editor

Democrats needed

I would like to reply to G.R. Zepeda’s Nov. 14 letter. If you are in the middle class income bracket or living below the poverty line, you need the Democrats.

Democrats gave us Social Security and Medicare. They gave us the Civil Rights Act and the Voters Right Act. Democrats have always been supportive of unions and unions gave us good wages so that one wage earner could raise a family, buy a home and send children to college.

You mention lower taxes — taxes are what give us a public school system, which is necessary to a viable democracy. Taxes also pay for our infrastructure, which needs to be repaired and modernized.

My husband and I have been married 59 years, and I don’t feel that if people of the same sex marry that it threatens my marriage. If you do not support abortion, that’s fine, and no court or Congress can force your wife, daughter or granddaughter to choose to have an abortion.

If you are opposed to abortion, then it is important that women have access to birth control. Programs like Head Start; Supplemental Food for Women, Infants and Children (WIC); and food stamps have enjoyed votes from Republicans, and it is critical that those programs remain strong.