Letters to the Editor

Work together

A door closes and opportunity opens another. I have been very fortunate to have made new friends and rekindled old ones. All have a story to relate if we just take the time to listen. Some wanted a little change, some more, some none at all.

As I walked the neighborhoods, listening to what I was being told, I was reminded how truly great Paso Robles really is. I have been provided a learning lesson, the knowledge and background I have gained from Paso Robles is to be shared to help make the city even better than it is. Each person I spoke to left me with the thought that they want all of us to work together sharing that “can do” spirit, and to support our Mayor Duane Picanco to lead our city and city council into greatness.

It is clear that Mayor Picanco is doing things right and he deserves all of us to work with him and the council during these very difficult economic times.