Letters to the Editor

Opera on HD

For the last two years my friends and I have been taking advantage of seeing the Met on HD (high definition) at the PAC. “The Tempest” and “Aida” will be next, and folks, don’t say you don’t like opera until you try it!

What a treat. The very best in the world to see on a huge screen for $25!

Why haven’t you written an article about this so that more people will be aware of this wonderful opportunity to enjoy worldclass talent?

So few people have been exposed to the treasure trove of music it brings, though they might remember hearing some of the music used in movies and TV.

During intermission at the Met, we are treated to looking backstage, watching the moving of the scenery and interviews with the cast. That alone is a treat — some of it is amazing.

The huge cast, scenery and clothing are awesome. Try it once, at least.