Letters to the Editor

Defending Father Ed

As a parishioner of St. Timothy’s church in Morro Bay, I would like to comment on Alice Welchert’s letter to the editor of Nov. 10. I have known Father Ed Holterhoff for 14 years, and he is my friend as well as my priest.

The implications in her letter as to why Father Ed rejected her request to gather signatures in favor of Proposition 34 at our church are not only incorrect, but mean-spirited. He would have done so no matter what the proposition, or who the candidate , the signatures being sought regarded. I feel very grateful to have a priest who tries to separate church and state. In fact, it annoys and angers me when the bishops and the Pope make public statements about politics, no matter whether I agree with them or not.

Father Ed is one of the most compassionate, caring, and devoted followers of “doing unto others as you would have them do unto you” that I know. Every Sunday his message to us is about loving and accepting everyone, no matter what their race, religion or personal beliefs.

One other thing: since there is only one Catholic church in Morro Bay, which has only one priest, her attempt at subtlety by not naming them directly is puerile.