Letters to the Editor

Vote suppression

I was thrilled with the recent re-election of President Barack Obama. However, I was disgusted with the Republican Party’s attempt to suppress the votes of American citizens. Aside from the clownish voter I.D. laws, purging of rolls and steady disinformation from, primarily, battleground states — I was totally aghast at the long lines of voters waiting for hours to vote in Florida, Ohio, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and still others.

Even though no one would argue against the right of every United States citizen to vote — the Republican party tried as hard as it could to prevent American citizens the most basic right of all our rights. They even bragged about it! Pennsylvania House Republican leader Mike Turzai said the implementation was even quoted as saying. “Voter ID, which is going to allow Gov. Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania: done.”

It is my fervent hope that those behind this attempt will be thoroughly repudiated by all Americans , most especially by the honest people in the Republican party. I am sure former presidents Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon are spinning in their graves.