Letters to the Editor

Doesn’t make sense

Although my parents were Democrats, as I grew older and did my homework, with the exception of voting for Kennedy (who I thought was a good man) I’ve always voted for the Republican party. The reason is, Republicans stand, for the most part, for the values that I cherish. The right to life is at the top, and traditional marriage, religion, low taxes, small government and our Constitution make up the rest.

Knowing that American Hispanic values are mostly in line with what I’ve stated, please, someone, help me understand why 71 percent of American Hispanics voted for Obama. His values are totally opposite to what I’ve stated. So why the big turnout for liberalism?

Although Romney was not my first choice, at least he’s a man with a proven record in job creation. Obama? Community organizing — how many jobs did that create? This country is dying before our eyes — job creation is minimal, inflation is just around the corner, food bills are through the roof, gasoline prices are double what they were in 2008, and federal spending is totally out of control. Yet, 71 percent voted to keep things the same? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

By the way, my father was born in Mexico.