Letters to the Editor

Bag law a bad law

I cannot believe no one has written complaining about the new bag law, yet I hear people complaining about it on a daily basis. Recently I observed two seniors exiting The Dollar Tree, both with an armload of miscellaneous merchandise, no bags, both dropping half of the items on the sidewalk and struggling to get down and pick them up.

Only the smuggest of SLO County residents actually believes that this law is accomplishing anything. To claim that we are all “going green” with this tiny ineffective symbol of saving the world is naive on the borderline of stupid.

The merchants despise it because they are getting all the flak and are losing sales because of it. With Christmas approaching and a bag law like this still in place, those same merchants can forget about any impulse buying because no one is going to buy more than the capacity of the bags they brought with them.

I personally resent the inconvenience for the sake of nothing measurable accomplished.

Repeal the bag law before Christmas. Let it be merry —not bagless.