Letters to the Editor

Honor Cold War veterans

On Veterans Day, remember the veterans who prepared to fight the most dangerous war since World War II: the Cold War (1947-1991). They kept our nation free and safe when nuclear weapons guaranteed mass destruction of our planet. These were the (mostly) men who flew bombers and tankers 24/7; stood in missile silos; served aboard missile and attack submarines for long cruises; stood radar watch and air defense alert in northern Canada, Alaska and along the U.S. coastline; were the tripwire against massive Soviet attack in the Fulda Gap in Germany; and served in distant overseas bases encircling the Soviet, Chinese and North Korean Communists.

We must never forget that the Cold War never got “hot.” The veterans of the Cold War never knew if the klaxon alert horn sounding was real or an exercise. They never knew if they would launch U.S. nuclear weapons or fend off a nuclear attack. Thanks to the Cold War veterans who never fired a shot, our great country won the Cold War and became the only superpower in the world.

Our strategic forces — missiles, bombers, tankers, missile submarines, air defenders, space, cyber and intelligence — quietly defend our nation 24/7 to this day. Bravo Zulu.