Letters to the Editor

Lost moral compass

In response to Mary Ross’ Oct. 18 letter regarding separation of church and state: Nowhere in any public or government document did anyone say that church and state be separate. It was written one time in a private letter from Thomas Jefferson to a pastor explaining that the government will not dictate how a person will be allowed to worship. In fact, all of our founders stated throughout our founding process that, if we leave our Godly principles, our nation will fall apart.

Well, look at our nation since we have taken our Christian principles out of society, starting with prayer. Our schools now founder; our government has turned into our “parent” instead of public servant; we are very near our fiscal cliff; lawlessness goes unpunished; wars exist on every front, including gender wars with no respect for one another; love and respect have turned to hatred and intolerance. Without religious beliefs, morality flies out the window — since it does not naturally come from us.