Letters to the Editor

Paso's Martin gets it

I write to recommend that voters select Steve Martin for Paso Robles City Council.

Residents of Paso Robles are fortunate that a person with the skills, ability and experience of Steve Martin is willing to serve once again. During Steve’s earlier time on the council, the city was prosperous and provided excellent services — and it did it with a balanced budget. Many strong businesses were attracted to Paso Robles, and council decisions were made with a positive, longrange vision.

Today, the fiscal challenges of city government and the needs of struggling businesses and citizens require clear and creative leadership from the council. Steve has made it his business to understand business, the role of government, and the opportunities to stimulate cooperation for the benefit of all. He is a lifelong resident of the North County who I am proud to have as one of my oldest and very best friends. Return Mr. Martin to the council, and you will not be sorry.