Letters to the Editor

Tax for better roads

Paso Robles has an opportunity to repair roads by voting for a sales tax increase. The ballot measure isn’t confusing unless one believes confusing the public with misrepresentations of the truth works.

Public meetings were held regarding the issue. The council took into account the advice of San Luis Obispo Council of Governments. SLOCOG hired professional pollsters, who, after scientific polling, found there was no chance for a two-thirds majority vote associated with a specific tax, but a majority vote associated with a general measure was possible.

To reassure voters money would be spent on roads, an advisory measure was placed on the ballot that is similar to the oversight committee appointed to monitor money associated with a previous school bond measure.

Business Times considers Paso Robles to be the economic anchor for North County, a distinction partially gained by the way it handles its budget. Using vigorous fiscal control, Paso Robles has maintained an AA credit rating. Those deserving credit are the City Council, our city manager and employees.

I will vote for a sales tax increase for road repair. Based upon past performance, I see no reason not to trust our council to spend sales tax money on road repair.