Letters to the Editor

A Chicken Little story

Some of Nipomo’s water “problems” are because of the Nipomo Community Services District board supporting misinformation promoted by Mr. Ed Eby. His speculation that Nipomo will run out of water in five to 10 years is based on “junk science” he created with a simple spreadsheet.

Last year, Mr. Eby went on the Dave Congalton radio show and presented his Chicken Little story. Dave asked him when the “water Armageddon” would occur: two years, five years? Mr. Eby answered that it depends on the weather, but it surely would occur in less than 10 years! Wow!

Thankfully, the water supply on the Nipomo Mesa is monitored by a court-directed technical group that uses real science to evaluate the health of the basin underlying the Mesa. That technical group has written annual reports for the past four years and nowhere in those reports is there any indication of “water Armageddon.”

When I go to the ballot box and am confused about the details of an issue, I end up deciding based on the credibility of the supporters and opposers. In this case, would you vote for the Chicken Little guy? No!

Vote for Bob Blair and Ernie Thompson. They believe in science.