Letters to the Editor

Out with incumbents

I’m sure The Tribune did its due diligence in interviewing candidates for San Luis Obispo mayor and city council before it rubberstamped all of the incumbents. Never mind that only Jeff Aranguena was even mentioned among the challengers.

As someone who has spent hundreds of hours observing, and listening to, the present council members, I can assure you that none of them deserves any further time on this panel.

I’ve lived in several cities in California, including our neighbor to the south, Santa Maria, and I can assure you that I have never observed a city more poorly run than San Luis Obispo. This city is administrator-heavy and performance-light. Our city manager makes more than the man who runs the 112-campus California Community Colleges system, yet the streets are full of jolting patches, the city attorney is off on a homeless-hunting tangent, and this council repeatedly nods and approves, reminding us all that this is “the happiest place in North America.”

Don’t believe the hype.

Vote for all the challengers, and let’s return control of this city to people who care.