Letters to the Editor

It’s a union buster

Regarding “Rights are on the line,” letters, Oct. 24: The writer of this letter seems to have misread or perhaps not clearly understood the wording of Proposition 32. This proposition is a deviously worded proposition claiming that passage will prevent corporations and unions from contributing to political campaigns.

Unfortunately, this is the marketing hype for the proposition. Behind the hype and in very small print, the proposition states that unions and corporations would be forbidden from taking money from an employee’s earnings and using that money to donate to political campaigns/candidates/causes.

I’ve always thought corporations get their money for donations to super PAC groups and/or to particular candidates from their profits.

Unions, on the other hand, do use some of the money collected in the form of dues to make political contributions. Of course, these dues are taken out of employees’ earnings.

This proposition is designed to make people feel that the intent is one of being fair and balanced. In reality, this proposition is just a clever continuation of the union busting that has helped to demolish the middle class over the past 30-plus years. And if memory serves me right, California voters rejected a similar proposition once before.