Letters to the Editor

Re-elect Fred Strong

I’ve known Fred Strong and his family since 1988. Fred helped us through the government process to develop a ranch. Over the years, he’s been a man of integrity and knowledge. Since moving here, I’ve spent a lot of time with Fred and I’ve seen him research issues and come to conclusions that are in the best interest of our whole community.

He is a man who puts his heart and soul into every issue that comes before him, answers his phone calls and emails and is always a gentleman.

I’m supporting Fred Strong for his expertise, knowledge and experience on the Paso Robles City Council. I’ve seen his ability to successfully work across political party lines and with labor and management. I believe his institutional knowledge of this city and state are assets we can’t afford to lose in city government.

We need to keep him on the City Council in Paso Robles.

He’s respected in this area and throughout the state for his integrity and championing of individual rights and local control.

Please vote to re-elect Fred Strong to the City Council so we can keep Paso Robles the best little city in America.