Letters to the Editor

A corrupt election

Joe Tarica’s Oct. 14 column on voter identification should have all Americans furious with what is happening to our elections. How can anyone sit quietly knowing the facts?

Add to Joe’s facts another breaking story — Victoria Collier’s “How to Rig an Election,” printed in Harper’s Magazine’s November issue — and you have strong detailed evidence why this election is filled with corruption. Collier is an investigative reporter who gives damning evidence by naming people and companies involved. If she is lying, those who are innocent would be preparing lawsuits to challenge her. But she is compelling, and the guilty will keep quiet hoping no one reads the story and that their grievous creeping theft of our elections slips by.

This is happening now. I urge everyone to read the story filled with facts and not let the thieves get away. If you do not have access to the magazine, I may be able to help you acquire one on loan.