Letters to the Editor

Baldwin for the board

I have taught at Cuesta College for more than 28 years. I ask you to vote for David Baldwin for the Cuesta Board of Trustees. David has extensive experience as a trustee for two large pension systems. There are three things that David would bring to Cuesta that our board sorely needs: First, experience on boards other than Cuesta’s; second, the fresh perspective of someone who is not a Cuesta insider; third and most importantly, fiscal responsibility.

Our current board has racked up so much debt that we continue to have to cut classes and services to our students as well as eliminate positions and reduce employees’ compensation. And we are now on the verge of eliminating long-standing and valuable programs.

Of course, Cuesta’s fiscal problems are one reason why our accreditation is in jeopardy. We need a more fiscally responsible board. Please move us in that direction by voting for David Baldwin for Cuesta trustee.