Letters to the Editor

Church law of the land

It is certainly confusing to read about the many problems facing our nation and the solutions presented by those who want to lead us.

There are exaggerations, declarations of “truth and justice” and accusations from both sides. It’s difficult to sift through the mountains of words tossed at us each day.

But there are two facts I heard, loud and clear, which have convinced me that we must vote for President Obama.

Vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan stated that his religion forbade abortion and contraception and he would make them a criminal act under law for the nation. Mitt Romney, as a bishop for his religion, has been and will be “called” by his church to perform certain duties and he is obligated to carry them out. These are two men, who want to be put into positions of immense power, who will allow their religious beliefs to dictate the laws we all must obey.

The men who wrote our Constitution warned us of this mix of religion and government and made it part of the document we honor. No matter what the challenges are, the beliefs and promises of these Republicans supersede any miracles they think they can perform.