Letters to the Editor

Get your guns

Most members of American society can (legally) obtain a gun with little knowledge and no experience in its use. They now possess the ability to instantly take the life of another with a twitch of an index finger.

Even though there are tens of thousands of gunrelated deaths annually, and seemingly weekly mass shootings, we know that guns don’t kill people, people kill people — for the National Rifle Association told us so.

If you buy into this notion, you must at least admit that having a gun makes killing a heck of a lot easier. What is the NRA’s solution to the gun violence? More guns! We’ll all be safe when everyone is armed, because we are all rational people capable of weighing the consequences of our actions before acting, and can make split-second life or death situational assessments at least as well as highlytrained law enforcement personnel.

Let’s all openly carry our weapons! We’ll take ’em into bars, because nothing could possibly go wrong mixing guns and alcohol. We’ll take ’em to church, because it a God-given right. I’d sleep better at night if it weren’t for the gun I keep under the pillow.