Letters to the Editor

GOP’s obstructionism

Republican congressional and Senate members have spent the past four years blocking every effort President Barack Obama has given to improve the economy and better the lives of hard-working Americans. If Republicans truly cared and were concerned about all Americans, they would have crossed party lines and supported President Obama in his efforts to rebuild our economy and create more jobs.

Instead, Republican in Congress have cared more about protecting all the tax cuts for the 1 percent of the richest members of society.

And Mitt Romney? Do you really think he understands how the rest of us really live? He was born into an extremely rich family with great privilege! After his “performance” in the Oct. 3 debate, he has proved that he will lie and say anything to get elected.

We elected Barack Obama to solve problems and protect the interests of all Americans. He can’t do this alone. He needs the American people to send a message to Congress and to the Senate: Either work toward solving problems and bettering the lives of all Americans, or get out!