Letters to the Editor

Keep watch on TSA

Warning lesson to all fliers: Never put anything, and I mean anything, of value (cameras, watches, jewelry) in your baggage, as you may very well find it missing when you get to your destination.

Google “TSA thefts” and read some shocking stories.

My daughter, only a second-time flier, found out the hard way. On our trip from the San Jose airport to Detroit in early September, more than $5,000 in jewelry was taken from her suitcase.

The airline denies any responsibility, and because TSA doesn’t have any cameras to watch when baggage is searched, out of your sight, it is nearly if not totally impossible to prove it was taken.

One ex-employee on a website admits that he took more than $800,000 in valuables over a four-year period. The question is, “Why no cameras?” if one has no control over their baggage?

I’ve read stories where TSA has hired employees and failed to do any background checks for years. Cameras should be required in all areas that your luggage passes through.

The local TV station was called about the theft, but they brushed off the issue, as did the San Jose Police Department.

Fliers beware!