Letters to the Editor

Intervention in order

The state of California is dysfunctional, and it needs an intervention. And the last thing it needs is more taxpayer “juice” in the form of hefty income tax increases on the small businesses and job creators that are the economic lifeblood of the state.

What good will it do to run off even more of our entrepreneurs and upper-income earners to nearly low or no tax states through more oppressive regulations and punitive taxes? But gotta have that fix.

Curing the patient might start by such steps as reforming and broadening the tax base, eliminating hundreds of job-killing regulations and commissions, and abandoning idiotic ideas like trains to nowhere. We need to loosen the stranglehold of public employee unions, especially the teachers’ unions, which produce pitiful results in exchange for staggering costs. And like all addicted spend-aholics, we need statesmen with the gumption to make the state live within its means.

How are we going to pull this off? Certainly not by the lunatics that currently run this asylum. It is only going to be done by us voters. Send a message by voting no on all tax increases and yes on any measure that restricts union monopoly.