Letters to the Editor

Myron a 'treasure'

Thanks to Bill Morem’s obituary for Myron Graham, readers can have a glimpse into how fortunate we all are that this remarkable man chose the Central Coast as home. I arrived here in 1976 and first met Myron at the Unitarian Fellowship, but it did not take long for our paths to intertwine into a beautiful pattern.

Whether being a customer at Graham’s Art Store, serving on the KCBX Advisory Committee, doing massive cleanings of the Art Center’s storeroom, or enjoying a multitude of art openings, being in Myron’s presence brought a plus to my day. He and Priscilla at an event signaled a blessing that confirmed that you were where you were supposed to be.

Ten years ago we threw a community 90th birthday for him. On Oct. 23, he would have turned 100. The city proclamation called him a “Living Treasure.”

One only needs to walk through Mission Plaza, enjoy the symphony, browse the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, or appreciate the size and scope of the visual and performing arts in this county to appreciate that Myron shaped the cultural life of the Central Coast in many ways. “Thank you” will never seem enough!