Letters to the Editor

Keep these in mind

I hear so many liberal comments in The Tribune about the Democrats’ accomplishments, and I am astounded.

Why is California one of the states with the highest unemployment rate? Why are businesses leaving California? Why do we have so many illegal immigrants coming across our borders? Why is our state on the verge of bankruptcy? Why are there three cities that have filed for bankruptcy? Why all of a sudden are there so many bank accounts with millions in them that we did not know about?

Our state is controlled by Democrats. Our Legislature is controlled by Democrats, and now our governor is a Democrat. (Schwarzenegger was a Democrat in disguise.) Our Senate representatives, Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, and minority speaker Nancy Pelosi keep getting re-elected. Yet our economy keeps getting worse.

I hear so many people say that when they retire, they will have to leave the state because they won’t be able to afford living here. On the federal side, Democrats say they inherited this mess from George W. Bush.

Please be reminded that Pelosi and her cronies were in control of Congress for the last two years of the Bush administration, when the mess started.

When you go to vote this November, keep this in mind.