Letters to the Editor

Disagrees with Capps

In response to James M. Duenow’s Oct. 6 letter, “How did she do that?”—watch her voting record!

I’ll tell you how Lois Capps “sent jobs to China,” ran up four trillion dollars in debt (actually it was more than that), and increased our taxes through the Obamacare law, which she voted for without even reading the bill.

These debts were not run up by a Republican administration, but were accumulated from 2008 to 2010 when we had a Democratic House and Senate plus a Democrat in the White House!

I would like to encourage you to read Lois Capps’ voting record, as it is posted in The Tribune on Sundays. Her voting record is very enlightening. She likes to spend my “hard earned dollar.” I like Congresswoman Capps. I just disagree with her political views.