Letters to the Editor

Modern horror

It was only a paragraph amid other news, a note that 40 university students had been killed in a Boka Haram terrorist attack at a Nigerian university.

In fact, the terrorist group stormed the dormitory, rounded up students in hostels and shot 40 of them in cold blood.

Many of these students were Koma people. This tribe was just “discovered” some thirty years ago, hidden away in the treacherous mountain range bordering Cameroon. Like other native people suddenly thrust into the modern world, they are at an incredible disadvantage. The education of these young people was so important to the future of their tribe. Now they are dead.

The terrorists also attacked homes and killed the families when they struck that night. All of Adamawa is now under curfew; and like Niger and Taraba states, it has been devastated by flooding.

Now you know “the rest of the story” behind that one little paragraph. And it is so, so sad.