Letters to the Editor

We are not better off

The Sept. 30 letter from Tom Bauer implies that only intellectuals are competent to guide America, as they are able to see the big picture. Obama fits this category, as he has read almost 400 books on the subject of politics and governance.

Yet look at where we are today versus four years ago. The Pied Piper hasn’t done anything to improve the situation, in spite of his impressive literary credentials.

Then on Oct. 2, Paul Krugman, he of Nobel Prize fame, tells us that we are not facing any kind of fiscal crisis! He claims that we ought to borrow more money and spend it, thus increasing the already insurmountable debt we are about to hand off to our heirs. This is tantamount to financial suicide; very similar to credit card debt which, as we all know, can be hazardous to one’s financial health.

Neither acknowledges that it’s easy to sit and pontificate about the situation, and to dream up ways to spend other people’s money, but then again, intellectuals can’t be bothered with such a trivial thing.