Letters to the Editor

Stand up to unions

Proposition 32 is a measure to be judged based on those who oppose it. It is designed to prevent corporations and unions from contributing to California political campaigns. Surely both interest groups are fighting it. Not so. Instead, it is California’s public employee unions that are doing everything they can in pulling to defeat it. hose unions are hands-down the most powerful special interest group in state politics. Fed by dues involuntarily deducted from public employee paychecks — the practice to be halted by Proposition 32 — they control our state legislature by funneling contributions to those politicians who embrace their agenda. Why doesn't our legislature address the massive unfunded liability of existing public employee pensions that threatens to swamp our state like an economic tsunami? What about the runaway pensions like the $510,000 paid annually to the former police chief of Bell to do nothing for the rest of his life? And who got the legislature to defeat a measure that would have streamlined the termination process for teachers who molest children? You guessed it!

If our legislators won’t stand up to these unions, it’s time we do. Individuals should contribute to their candidates and measures of choice, not their employers or their unions. Vote yes on Proposition 32.