Letters to the Editor

Stop seismic tests

I have received numerous letters from California residents concerned about proposed PG&E testing and the consequences of these tests with regards to the number of marine mammals expected to be severely injured and/or killed.

The incredible number of whales along California’s coast this summer alone should be testament to the rich productivity and high conservation value of this area. To think that these animals will be harmed by seismic testing (that is unlikely to reveal significant new information) is appalling. Do not sacrifice thousands of our whales, dolphins, seals and fish, along with livelihoods, culture and recreation of the people of California, for the interests of a few.

The future of California’s marine resources rests on the Coastal Commission’s decisions. Pacific Whale Foundation, on behalf of our thousands of supporters, thus urges you to seriously evaluate the longterm, biological consequences associated with the proposed testing, and in doing so, realize that the resultant irreversible damage to California’s marine life significantly outweighs testing.