Letters to the Editor

Capps does right

Congresswoman Lois Capps once rented a room to a staffer for a time. She did it as a favor, not as a business enterprise, and did not immediately recognize that it resulted in a small amount of income, which should be reported to the IRS. When she realized this, she amended her return, with no prompting from the IRS, and paid all the extra tax. Since she has disclosed her income tax returns, anyone can see this.

This is a far cry from Abel Maldonado’s situation of being pursued by the IRS for $4.2 million in back taxes.

Maldonado’s ad also accuses Capps of voting for the biggest tax increase ever. Capps has not caused any tax increases, but voted to reduce payroll taxes for 95 percent of employees and employers. Only Justice Roberts thinks that a penalty of $90 a year for not buying health insurance when you can afford it is a tax, and it is tiny. It keeps the rest of us from having to pay for emergency medical care for people who do not exercise personal responsibility.